X VPN Mod APK (Download Free Premium app for Android & PC)

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Technical Details of X VPN Mod APK Free Premium App for Android and PC


DeveloperFree Connected Limited
RequiresAndroid 4.1+
Size39 Mb
MOD FeaturesPremium Features Unlocked
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Introduction of X VPN Mod APK

X VPN is one of the best proxy applications, with more than 10 million downloads present on the google play store. The internet has become an integral part of modern life, but it also comes with risks. The constant development and changing technology create new security vulnerabilities that can be used for hacking or targeting users’ personal information online for different types of cybercrimes.

The best solution to counter these risks is to use a Virtual Private Network. They offer robust security and fast web access speeds. You can enjoy quick web access with this extra layer of protection between your device and your ISP. The use of VPN has become prevalent among people over time.

X VPN provides the solutions to all these problems. There are many types of VPN applications available. Some of them are free, while others require a paid subscription. You can enjoy full access to its premium features by downloading it from our website. You can also download Super VPN MOD APK and Express VPN MOD APK with all the premium features.

Features of X VPN Premium APK

Here are its main features.

Automatic Disable Function

Sometimes when we are using VPN, and there’s low Signal strength, the VPN connection gets disconnected, exposing our real IP address without us knowing. The X VPN Premium APK has a unique feature that will disable your internet connection before breaking the VPN connection. In this way, your real IP address will never get exposed without your permission, and you will be in complete control of your privacy.

DNS Leak Prevention

If you want complete privacy, the feature of DNS resolution through VPN servers is a must-have in a good VPN service. When using a VPN service, your communication with the websites you are visiting must go through the DNS server of the VPN instead of your ISP server. Otherwise, your communication will be through your ISP’s DNS, and they will be able to know what you are doing on the internet. That is a big privacy concern.

X VPN Mod APK provides you with an option to perform a DNS leak test so that you can check if your privacy is being compromised or not before using the VPN.


X VPN Free IP Checker

XPN provides you with complete security of even small things. We know that a VPN connection hides your actual IP address. But to make sure if the app is successful in hiding your real IP address, it gives you an extra feature of X VPN Free IP Checker to verify if your IP address is hidden or not. So, you can explore the web without worrying about your privacy.

Dedicated Web Browser Inside X VPN Mod APK

If you don’t want to use the built-in internet browser of your device like chrome, there are dedicated internet browsers present inside the X VPN Mod APK. You can use this dedicated browser to perform the web activity that requires you to be anonymous online.

No Extra Permissions for X VPN App

The privacy policy in a VPN service is the most ignored part by the users, which can lead some apps to take unfair advantage and collect data about their users without them knowing. X VPN App doesn’t require any additional permissions on the device, giving users peace of mind.


Dedicated Streaming Servers

Their governing bodies do not allow many major streaming sites in specific countries. If this is the case with you, you can confidently use this app. It gives users a list of dedicated servers for streaming. If you want to see banned movies on Netflix in your country, you can watch them by connecting to these dedicated servers. These servers unblock these movies for you and provide extra speed and stability to give you an amazing streaming experience.

5000+ Servers in 50+ countries

X VPN has more than 5000 dedicated servers globally in more than 50 countries. This massive number of servers gives the users a fast and stable VPN connection and doesn’t reduce the internet speed. You can choose any country to connect with. Also, the app recommends the best servers to select according to your location, device, and internet speed.



This VPN is an android application, but you can also use X VPN For PC. To use it on a PC, you need to download an android emulator. After installing the emulator, you will install this APK file in it. Now enjoy the free resources of this unlocked application on your PC for free.

Download X VPN Mod APK

X VPN Mod APK has all the basic and extra features. If you download it from other places such as google play, you can use the basic features for free, but for the premium features, you have to pay.

But don’t worry, you can still use all the amazing paid features for free by downloading the MOD APK version from our website. All the premium features are unlocked, and you can start using them just after installation.

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