VPNhub Mod APK (Premium App for PC and Platforms)

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Technical details of Vpnhub Mod APK Premium VPN Hub App for PC And Platforms


DeveloperAppatomic Ltd
RequiresAndroid 4.4+
Size28 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
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Introduction of VPNhub Mod APK

VPNhub app is a trending VPN application with 10 million downloads on google play and a rating of 4.2/5. The app is famous for its very easy interface and best security and privacy. Our VPNhub Mod APK version has a large number of servers located worldwide to provide fast speed and many countries to connect with to unlock their online content. It completely hides your IP address and makes you anonymous online. The app uses the latest security and encryption protocols to ensure the safety of the users.

The restrictions on the internet are increased very much nowadays. Now the government wants to control what people watch on the internet. Many movies and shows are banned in some countries because of the restriction by the government for political reasons. We use apps for messaging and calls such as WhatsApp because it is free and provides extra features like video calls that we cannot get through our cellular connection. But in many countries, these most famous apps are not allowed. So, people have no choice other than to use a VPN service to explore the web freely without such restrictions.

Another reason for the increased demand for VPN services is online security. All the banking data is stored online, and people perform their banking transactions through their smartphones. But as the internet brings convenience to our lives, it has also opened doors for vulnerabilities. For example, you can lose your hard-earned money if your device gets hacked and the hackers steal your banking details such as account numbers and passwords. This usually happens when you connect your device to some untrusty public Wi-Fi, and it installs some malware into your device without you knowing about it.

There are many VPNs available, and each differs in terms of features. VPNhub Mod APK has all the necessary features that you need in a good VPN service. It can unlock all the online restrictions and provide its users with the best security and privacy. You can read the details about all of its features below.

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Features of VPNhub Premium APK

Here are all the features of the VPNhub App

Very Easy-To-Use App

The app is super easy to use and understand, and it only takes a minute to download and install. There is no complicated setup required to use the app after installing it. The VPN hub APK is optimized for all devices, and it picks up the best settings for your device automatically. The user interface is spotless and easy to navigate. You can tap to connect, and it will start working. However, all the manual settings are available for you if you don’t want to use the app’s default settings and want to configure it for your particular needs.

AES 256-Bit Encryption

The connection with VPNhub Mod APK is entirely encrypted, which means complete online security. You can use this app with peace of mind that nobody can intercept your online data. It uses the top-notch AES 256-Bit Military-Grade Encryption for your online activity. There are many other protocols such as TCP AND UDP; TCP effectively unblocks online content, while UDP provides fast speed. it also offers IKEv2, IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP, and You can choose any of them based on your needs at the moment

1,000 Servers In 60 Countries

The number of servers of a VPN service is significant because the stability of the connection depends on it. A good VPN must have a large number of servers so that when many users connect through it, there should be no lag in the connection. VPNhub app offers 1,000 Servers located in 60 Countries which is more than enough for a VPN.

The free version of this app from google play provides only a limited number of servers and locations. However, with our VPNhub Mod APK version, you can use all of these servers and locations without any issue.

Enjoy Lightning-Fast Speed with VPNhub APK

The VPNhub APK provides a Lightning-Fast because of the 1000+ servers and the latest encryption protocols. You can play online games in the best settings which require very high-speed internet, such as PUBG and COD, and this speed will remain stable throughout the online session. Also, you can watch videos in high quality without any buffering.


Kill Switch inside VPNhub Mod APK

VPNhub Mod APK offers the kill switch feature to its users for complete security of their data. What it does is that whenever the app detects there is some lag in the connection or your internet connection is unstable, it will automatically disconnect the internet connection of your device before disconnecting the VPN connection.

Otherwise, your identity will be leaked if your VPN connection breaks first. Th kill switch features provide foolproof security, and you can explore the internet with complete confidence that no matter what happens, you will be safe on the internet.

DNS and Ipv6 Leak Protection with VPN Hub APK

IPv4 protocol is the old technology, and most of the internet is still using it, but now the internet is shifting towards the Ipv6 protocol. However, the majority of the VPN can hide the IPv4, but they cannot conceal Ipv6, which is a strong privacy concern, but not many people know about it. Vpn hub is one of the few VPNs that can mask Ipv6. Moreover, our VPN Hub APK also uses its own DNS servers for your online traffic to protect your privacy.

Protect You from Hackers on Public Wi-Fi

Connecting through public Wi-Fi is risky, and there is always a chance of your device getting hacked or installing malware into it by using public Wi-Fi. But sometimes, we have no option other than connecting to public Wi-Fi. VPN hub APK solves this problem by hiding your IP address entirely and taking over the DNS resolution.

Using this app, you can safely connect to public Wi-Fi without worrying about anything, which is very helpful in times of emergency. You can also save your expensive mobile data by using public Wi-Fi when connected through this amazing application.


VPNhub App is Compatible with Other OS

VPNhub App is available for all the other operating systems such as Windows and Mac, and you can buy its premium app from the official website. But if you want to use it on another operating system for free, you can easily do it by downloading it from our website. But to use it on a platform other than Android, you have to install an android emulator on your device. Then you can install this app on your other device via an emulator and start using it.

Enjoy Global Video Streaming

Now you can watch content from all over the world without any restrictions. VPN hub apk offers 60+ countries, and you can connect with any of them to watch their content. You can easily unblock popular streaming platforms like Netflix USA with this app.

As mentioned before, the app provides crazy high speed, which means not only you can unblock the worldwide movies but also watch them in 4k because of it. Make sure to connect to the premium server inside the app so that your streaming session is entirely lag-free.


Get Rid of Blocking and Censorships

With our Vpnhub Premium APK, you can unblock all the banned websites and apps or games. Every device has its IP Address, by which the internet identifies it and decides whether to allow you to visit the website you are trying to access or not.

If you live in a country where that website is not allowed, it will not allow you to open it, but if you live where this site is permitted, it will let you open it. It hides your device’s actual IP address and assign it another IP address so that you can unblock anything online.

Protect Your Identity

Online privacy is the biggest concern of internet users because now, from your government to your internet service provider, everyone wants to track people’s online activity for various reasons. The government wants to monitor the online activity of its people, whereas the ISP tracks our data to sell it to advertisers to send us targeted ads.

With Ipv6 Leak Protection and custom DNS servers, and high-security protocols, this Vpnhub Premium APK can ultimately make you anonymous on the internet. Nobody can detect where you are accessing the internet and where your device is located. The app redirects your original IP address and assigns a random IP address for each online session.

Absolute Compatibilities with Your Browsers

Many other VPN applications work fine for popular internet browsers such as chrome, but they don’t work effectively for other browsers because they are not optimized. Vpnhub Premium APK is highly optimized for every internet browser. You can use any of your favorite browsers such as Safari, Brave, UC Browser, Opera Mini, and it will run smoothly on them.

Boost Internet Speed

Another fantastic feature of this application is boosting the download and upload speed when connected to its premium high-speed server, such as a UK server. This feature is beneficial to those who want to download or upload large files to the internet, but it takes too long for them due to their internet’s lesser download/upload speed.

Whenever you feel your internet will take a long time to do it, all you need to do is connect to the high-speed server of the app, and the speed will increase, and you will be able to perform your task in a lesser time.

Download VPNhub Mod APK

Vpnhub app is an excellent choice if you want complete security of your data and online privacy. The app is lightning fast because of its custom DNS servers and 1000+ servers.

When it comes to user data collection, only the free version collects some of your information to show you the ads, but the premium version is Ad-free and contains extra features such as high-speed servers. You can use all the paid version features just for free by downloading Vpnhub Mod APK from here, as it is completely unlocked, so you don’t need to pay for anything.

Is Vpnhub Safe?

The free version of the app from google play shows many ads, and to show you these ads, it collects some of your personal information. But the premium version is ad-free, and that’s why it doesn’t collect any of your data. You have to buy the premium version if you want to use it, but thankfully our Vpnhub Mod APK version is completely unlocked and offers all the premium version features for free. The app collects your IP address just for your VPN session and deletes it after.

Pros & Cons of VPNhub Mod APK


  1. No Signup is required to use the app
  2. Can unblock all the streaming platforms, especially Netflix.
  3. Unlimited bandwidth
  4. Latest security protocols
  5. The clean and simple app interface


  1. Poor customer support
  2. Only 1 country is available in its free version
  3. US Based company due to which people have privacy concerns
  4. Stores data for ads in its free version

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