Tunnelbear Mod APK (Download Free Premium VPN App for Android)

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Technical details of Tunnelbear Mod APK Premium Tunnel bear VPN App for Android free Download file.


DeveloperTunnelBear, LLC
RequiresAndroid 5.0+
Size24 Mb
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
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Updated2 days ago

Introduction of Tunnelbear Free VPN

Tunnelbear Free VPN is the best application for those who want a simple VPN with adequate basic security features. It is owned by McAfee, a top-rated company for its antivirus and other security applications. It does not contain extra features that are unnecessary for an ordinary user, due to which the app is light and works smoothly without putting a burden on your device. You can also try its competitor VPN Master Mod APK. However, if you are looking for the best VPN, you should check Express VPN Mod APK.

With Tunnelbear Free VPN for android you can remove all the geo-restrictions and access the internet freely. It makes you anonymous on the internet, and nobody can track your activity. Nowadays, from your ISP to the government, everyone wants to track your data. This app uses its custom DNS servers to protect your online traffic from the eyes of your ISP. Moreover, it uses the best AES-256 encryption and the latest security protocols that hackers cannot intercept.

This app is popular among Chinese users because it can bypass the firewall of China. You can enjoy streaming websites and online games with this high-speed VPN. There is no need to worry about anything when using torrents because the app does not collect personal information, so the company can’t share that information with the government.

Features of Tunnelbear Mod APK

You can read about all the features of this app below.

Tunnel Bear App Is Easy to Use

Tunnelbear for android is very well designed, and it is easy to navigate. You can access all the options that the app offers very quickly. There is a long section of all the servers to choose from, and you can change the security protocols in the security settings. If you don’t want to configure the app manually, you can use it with a single tap, and it will automatically set up the best settings for you.


Good Speeds on Local Servers

You don’t need to worry about the speed when you download Tunnelbear VPN from here because this unlocked version offers a massive network of servers spread worldwide. The app offers a smooth VPN experience that doesn’t slow down even if many users around the world are using it simultaneously. It provides the best speed when you connect to the servers nearest to you, so we recommend you connect with its local servers whenever possible to get the most of this app.

Online Security with Tunnelbear VPN APK

No one can detect and track your online activity when you are using Tunnel Bear app. It uses military-grade AES-256 encryption and the best online security protocols to protect your data while keeping you anonymous on the internet.

TunnelBear VPN APK provides the two best security protocols, which are OpenVPN and IKEv2. OpenVPN can unblock the restricted internet effectively and can bypass any firewall. It is a must-have for a good VPN. it is almost impossible for hackers to crack it. IKEv2 is best if you continuously switch between the internet, such as mobile data and Wi-Fi, because It prevents any data leakage in case of network failures.

2600 Servers In 40 Countries

TunnelBear VPN has a huge network of more than 2600 servers spread in 40 countries. Because of this massive number of servers, you will get a high-speed connection that never lags. The free version of the app offers only a limited number of servers and locations, but you can use all of them in our Tunnelbear Mod APK version.


Unblock Streaming with Tunnelbear Premium APK

You can unblock major streaming services by using Tunnelbear Mod APK and enjoy your favorite videos in high quality because of the high speed that this VPN offers. It unblocks Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and the Kodi player but cannot unblock Disney+ and ESPN.

Allows Torrenting

Although TunnelBear for android doesn’t offer any dedicated P2P servers for torrenting, you can use the other servers for this purpose. Also, users of countries like the USA can use it for torrents because the app does not collect any information about your online activity. When using this VPN, the download speed is great, which means you can download large files through torrents in less time.

Enjoy Unlimited Data with Tunnelbear Mod APK

The free version of the app offers only 500MB/month, which is very little if you want to watch online videos or download heavy files from the internet. To use more data, you have to buy the Tunnelbear Premium APK. Thankfully you can enjoy unlimited data with our Tunnelbear Mod APK and enjoy High-definition videos as much you want without any limitations.

Fast Enough for Gaming and Downloading

Tunnelbear Mod APK is a perfect option if you want to unblock online games. The speed you get with this VPN is fast enough for gaming, and you will get a ping of 8ms with it, which is excellent for gaming.

As you know, the internet speed is reduced when you connect to any VPN because the VPN encrypts your connection and your data travels through the app’s servers. Generally, this speed reduction is about 20%. But with Tunnelbear Premium APK, the speed never slows down more than 10%, which is unnoticeable.


Kill Switch Feature

Many other VPN applications provide data security and can completely hide your IP address so that no one can track you online. But what if the connection suddenly disconnects due to some malfunction or server load? It will break the VPN connection and lead to your data leakage.

To counter this problem, Tunnel Bear App offers a kill switch feature that will constantly check whether the connection is stable or not. It will turn off your device’s internet whenever it detects any issue with the VPN network protecting your data from leaking out. This feature is enabled by default in the Tunnelbear Premium APK, and you can also disable it if you want.

Tunnelbear DNS Servers

When you explore something on the internet, the DNS resolution occurs at your ISP servers, due to which they know which websites you are exploring. TunnelBear VPN APK uses its own DNS servers to add another layer of anonymity to your online traffic. So, when using this VPN, your ISP can’t see your activity on the internet, and you can do anything without worrying about your privacy.

Data Privacy

A Canadian-based company owns Tunnel Bear app. Canada is a part of the Five Eyes Alliance, so they can share your data with the government if required. But there is not much to worry about because the app does not collect much data. It only collects your general information such as your email address, duration of your VPN usage, data used, etc. Even if they share such information with the government, that is not an issue because they still can’t detect what activity you performed on the internet.

Block Ads and Malicious Redirects

You can download tunnelbear VPN to block annoying ads and pop-ups to make your online experience more pleasant. Also, some websites on the internet redirect you to some other dangerous web pages containing malware. This VPN can successfully protect you from such redirects to keep you safe on the internet.

Tunnelbear For Android Works in China

The Chinese government is famous for restricting its people from using the internet freely. Many popular websites and apps like Facebook and WhatsApp are banned there, and they have a robust firewall which is very difficult for VPN to bypass. Tunnelbear for android is one of the few VPN applications that can bypass the censorship of China. You can use it to access everything on the internet with a high-speed connection.

Download Tunnelbear Mod APK free VPN

You can Download Tunnelbear Mod APK free VPN by clicking the button below. This version contains all the VIP servers a large number of locations. You can connect with any country to explore their content.

You can unlock major streaming websites such as Netflix for you with it. Moreover, this version has no bandwidth limit, so you can use unlimited data to enjoy high-quality streaming and online gaming.

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