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Technical details of Premium Super VPN MOD APK (Premium Free Client Pro)


RequiresAndroid 4.1+
Size14 Mb
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
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Updated3 days ago

Introduction of Super VPN MOD APK

Today, the internet is involved in everything. For example, banks store all their information and important files online. Also, advertisements have become digital. Today, advertisement companies spend billions of dollars to show their ads on people’s mobile phone screens, which they always carry. These companies send targeted ads to people based on their online information to boost sales.

As people’s online data becomes increasingly valuable, it has become a target for those who want to take advantage. For example, hackers are trying to steal people’s online banking information to steal their money. So, keeping your online data safe and private has become very important. VPN network is beneficial to keep online data secure and is becoming more and more popular among people nowadays, and this VPN is one of the popular apps among users.

SuperVPN Mod APK has remarkable features that give you complete privacy from tracking and the freedom to explore banned websites and other online content in your country. With this VPN, nobody can track your information anymore. It provides complete online anonymity by hiding your original IP Address and assigning it a temporary IP address. So, nobody knows your location. For example, you can connect to Germany while sitting in your home, and your online location will become in Germany.

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Why Google Play Removed Super VPN Premium APK

As this application seems tremendous, there were some drawbacks to the app which are now resolved. For example, it used to ask for excessive permissions even to access your stored files and media, which is unnecessary. The APP also keeps your IP address which is entirely unnecessary. Another issue was excessive ads in its free version. Due to these issues, Google removed it from the google play store in 2020.

But don’t worry, now Super VPN Premium APK has made a comeback and is back on Google Play and resolved its problems with google, and now it is popular than before.

Features of SuperVPN Mod APK

Here are all the features that make this app stand out from other VPN applications.

Simple Application

All you need to use this app is a stable internet connection. There is no complicated setup required for using it. All it needs is just tapping the connect button for one time, and it will automatically connect to a random server and start working. With just one tap, you can redirect your IP address and start exploring the internet without any limitation.

supervpn-free-vpn client-mod

No Registrations Required

Unlike other apps, Super VPN Pro APK does not require you to sign up with your email address or enter your credit card information. You can start using the VPN immediately after installation, and there’s no limit on how much data/time duration to use it; you can use it as long you want.

Protect Your Privacy

With so many free VPN apps out there, SuperVPN is an excellent choice. Experts have inspected and approved it to be one of the best. The app will protect you against internet snooping by setting up an encrypted proxy server on your phone so that no one can see what sites or services you visit.


Unlock Geographic Restrictions Super VPN Mod APK

This app is the perfect solution if you want to access previously off-limits content due to geographical restrictions with your internet provider. There is much online content that you can’t access because your country doesn’t allow it. But with Super VPN Mod APK, there are no limitations, and all regions become available for you to access.

Large Number of Servers

SuperVPN Free VPN Client offers many servers worldwide to provide maximum speed and the best online experience. The app has an extensive list for users to choose from, allowing you to connect easily with any country in your desired region without lagging or dropping connections like other VPN providers.


Smart and light Application

This app is one of the old apps present on google play, so with a large number of constant updates, now it provides incredible performance. The file size of SuperVPN Mod APK is small (only 11 MB), which won’t put too much strain on your device. There are over 100 million downloads and more than 2 million reviews on the google play store. The download and rating statistics speak for themselves.

Provides Data Security

Sometimes, we have no choice other than to connect to public wifi which puts us at risk of being hacked. When connected to a public WI-FI, such as at coffee shops or airports, your personal information can be compromised. So, using Super VPN, you can protect your device from all this. It changes the device’s IP address so no one can track your online activity or hack your device by sending malware into it.


Download Super VPN Pro APK for Free

The Super VPN Mod APK is available for download on our website. It is entirely free, and it offers the full unlocked all the premium features with a completely ad-free experience to ensure you get all the benefits of this excellent application. Download it from our website and install it onto your device without paying any money.

How to Install SuperVPN free VPN client

  • Download SuperVPN Mod APK from our website
  • Allow unknown sources (if asked)
  • Install the APK file
  • Open the App and Enjoy using it for free

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