ProtonVPN Mod APK (Download Free Premium App for Android)

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Technical details of ProtonVPN Mod APK plus free premium app for android to download.


DeveloperProton Technologies AG
RequiresAndroid 6.0+
Size18 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
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Updated2 days ago

Introduction of ProtonVPN APK

ProtonVPN is owned by a Switzerland-based company that is a privacy-friendly country. The CERN scientists behind Proton-Mail developed the world’s largest encrypted email service. This VPN is used by millions worldwide due to its advanced security features. Moreover, it is the world’s only free VPN. Security-wise, it is incredibly safe for digital assets not to record users’ browsing history. Never sell the data of users to third parties.

This encrypted VPN service network offers 1400 servers across 60 different countries. Most servers are in North America and Europe. Moreover, there are also locations in other countries with less competition. This ProtonVPN for android offers the feature of split tunneling through the VPN, and you can unlock streaming sites such as iPlayer while connected to it.

So, if you want the premium version of ProtonVPN, you can get it from the Google play store and original website. And if you don’t want to pay and yearn to use all of the fantastic premium features, don’t worry. Download and install the ProtonVPN Mod APK from our website and enjoy all the premium features free of cost. You can also try its competitor CYBERGHOST VPN MOD APK and VyprVPN MOD APK.

Features of ProtonVPN Mod APK

ProtonVPN has countless outstanding features, and you can read more about them in the article below.

Enjoy High Speed with ProtonVPN for Android

This VPN has decent speeds but is slow on distant servers. When you use a VPN, generally, it will increase latency and reduce downloading speed. But the specialty of this VPN is that it never affects the speed. ProtonVPN Premium APK also improves your connection’s download and upload speed.

ProtonVPN Accelerator

Recently, ProtonVPN introduced a fantastic feature, “VPN Accelerator,” to improve the connection speed. The best thing is that it is available in the ProtonVPN Mod APK version available on our website. VPN Accelerator can improve the speed up to 400%. This incredible feature is beneficial primarily if you are located far away from its servers.

Multiplatform Availability

This VPN supports other platforms such as IOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, Chrome-book, Android, and Android-TV. You can use its free version on only one device, and for the paid version, the number of devices per account depends upon the membership plan you purchase. Meanwhile, our ProtonVPN Mod APK version allows you to use it on 10 devices at a time. You can install it on other devices via an android emulator to enjoy all the VIP features for free.


Huge Server Network

This ProtonVPN for android offers 1400 servers in 60 countries, making it quite flexible. It allows you to select these 5 types of servers.

Free: These are free servers for the application’s free version users.

Basic: These are the fastest server and are used for activities that require lesser security but more speed, such as for gamers who need a very high-speed connection.

Tor: These servers offer extra security, and you can use them if you have a paid plan. But in our Mod version, you can use them for free.

P2P: These servers offer foolproof anonymity and security, which is best for activities such as torrenting.

Plus: These servers can unlock the streaming platforms. They provide a stable and lag-free VPN connection so that you can enjoy high-quality videos. A sideways triangle is a sign of the plus servers.

ProtonVPN Premium APK Protocols

The Security of a VPN depends on the protocols it uses. The ProtonVPN Premium APK offers these security protocols:

Open VPN: An open-sources VPN protocol always makes secure tunnels for web traffic. It is a gold standard for a VPN as it offers the best speed and security.

IKEv2: Internet Key Exchange version-2 is another incredible security protocol. It re-establishes the user’s connection automatically via VPN after the disconnection of the internet.

WireGuard: This is a new protocol, and It uses cryptographic standards such as Poly1305, ChaCha20, and BLAKE2. Compared to other protocols, it is not suitable for security and privacy. However, It is a lightweight protocol and provides a faster connection.


No Logs

Many other VPN apps claim to protect users’ data from online thieves and attackers. However, they themselves collect the user data such as the browser’s history, your Ip address, and websites you visited. The Swiss-based company has strict laws of privacy. The company ensures you can browse and visit safely without any worries. The company will never share and collect your data.

Excellent Security with ProtonVPN Mod APK

ProtonVPN has military-grade encryption. It reliably protects sensitive information and IP address. It is one of the most secure email services. They have impressive and excellent technologies and several additional security features such as split tunneling, secure core servers, and a kill switch. Moreover, it encrypts your online traffic so that no 3rd party can intercept it.

This VPN uses AES-256-bit encryption to keep data incredibly safe. The AES-256-bit encryption key is 78 digits long, and the app continuously changes the encryption key, which means it is impossible for cybercriminals to crack it.

Secure Core Servers

People from the countries like China and Russia fear that government could coerce third parties to collect their data. This app offers Secure core servers to add an extra level of security. Secure core servers are located in privacy-friendly countries like Sweden, Switzerland, and Iceland. These countries never share the user’s data with any third parties. These servers let users from such countries use the VPN without worrying about their privacy.

Unblock Streaming

The most impressive feature of ProtonVPN Premium APK is that you can unblock Crunchyroll, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming websites through this VPN. The streaming quality is quite good with free servers, but you can enjoy videos in 4K without buffering with the premium servers available in the Mod version.

Bypass Blocking

You will not find anything blocked in your country on the internet when using this ProtonVPN for android. This amazing VPN awards you access to any website you want. With this VPN, you can also unblock all the restricted content and enjoy online gaming. While enjoying your favourite video, you will never face any interruption because the vast number of servers and highly optimized protocols provides fast speed.

24/7 Support System

If you have any queries connectivity issues, you can use the support system via email. A competent and efficient support team is available to help, and it is pretty easy to get in touch with a support team. You will receive a response within 4 hours. The 24/7 live chat feature is available to give you instant answers.


Download ProtonVPN Mod APK for Free

ProtonVPN Mod APK is a good option for anyone whose primary concern is online protection and bypassing geo-blocked internet. This VPN has a proven, trustworthy, and incredible privacy policy. With the company’s impressive history, you do not need to worry about your data privacy.

All of the premium features are available in the mod version. Just click the button above to download ProtonVPN APK for free.

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