Melon VPN Mod APK (Download for Android & PC)

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Technical details of Melon VPN Mod APK (Download for PC and Android)


DeveloperInf Security Studio
RequiresAndroid 5+
Size25 MB
MOD FeaturesVIP Features Unlocked
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Introduction of Melon VPN Mod APK

Presently, when the internet is becoming so restricted that even an average user can’t explore the web without facing some limitations, the use of VPN is becoming prevalent. In many countries, people cannot access social media, which was not the case before. Even you cannot use WhatsApp in some countries whether you live there or visit them as a tourist. Also, some famous movies are banned in some countries on Netflix. So, people are in search of a good VPN service.

Melon VPN received a 4.4/5 rating on google play by the users, which is excellent. The app was released in 2018, and more than 10 million people have already downloaded it. The app received much appreciation from the users because of its straightforward interface and high connection speed. There are many VPN apps available, and Melon VPN is one of the most-used apps. You can download all the unlocked versions of the premium VPNs from our website.

The modern VPNs not only unblock the online restrictions, but they offer strong security and encryption protocols to protect you from hacking. Another reason why people are switching towards VPN services is that the internet is not safe anymore. Numerous hacking cases are reported daily where the hackers stole people’s money by hacking their devices. A VPN uses multiple features to provide security and privacy, such as changing the device’s IP address to hide its location. It removes the Geo-Restrictions for the users and protects them from anyone trying to track their online activity.

You can download Melon VPN Mod APK with complete peace of mind as it offers all these features that give you the freedom to explore the unrestricted internet with the security and privacy of your online data. You can also try its competitor Secure VPN MOD APK. However, if you are looking for the best VPN service, we recommend you check the EXPRESS VPN MOD APK.

You can read the details of the features that this app offers below.

Features of Melon VPN Mod APK

Here are the features of this VPN service

Easy To Use

The melon VPN app is designed very simply, and it is effortless to use. The interface is user-friendly, and you can navigate the settings easily. When you open the app for the first time after installation, a connect button appears, and you need to tap it to start the app’s working. It picks up the best server and settings for you based on your location and device settings. However, you can easily do it if you want to customize its settings, such as servers and security protocols.


Customize Permissions of Apps

You can customize the permission of the apps you want to connect through the VPN. It allows you to eliminate the apps that do not require a VPN connection. by doing it, you prevent your internet speed from slowing down by unnecessary apps.

For example, you want to unblock TIKTOK because it is banned in your country, but all the other apps are allowed. So, you need to add the ticktock in the app settings to use VPN. In this way, you will unblock it and the other apps will still work normally, bypassing the VPN connection, and you will enjoy faster speed because of a lesser burden on your internet.


No Collection of Your Data

Melon VPN doesn’t collect your data, and you can use it with complete confidence that your online session is private and nobody is monitoring your online activity. The company clearly states that they have strict rules against users’ data. The app collects general information about your device, which is necessary for a VPN to work; otherwise, they collect no extra information.

Enjoy The Unlimited VPN Network

Unlike other apps, which give you a limited amount of bandwidth for daily use, Melon VPN provides it with unlimited bandwidth, and you can use it all day without any limitation. The free version of the app shows the users ads, but that is not the case with the premium version. We have an entirely unlocked premium version present on our website for you, and you can download and use it without paying any money.

Work With All Connection Types

Some poor-quality VPN services work fine on Wi-Fi, but they start lagging when you turn on the mobile data, which is not the case with Melon VPN. You can use it anytime and anywhere you go. Especially people who are often traveling, they always feel connectivity issues due to different types of internets around the world. This app is optimized for all kinds of internets, and whether it is Wi-Fi, LTE, or a 5G connection, the app works fine for all of them.

Melon VPN For Pc

Melon VPN has apps for all the major platforms such as windows, mac, android, ios, etc., but you have to pay to buy these versions from their official website. But don’t worry, you can use this Melon VPN For Pc by using an android emulator. To use Melon VPN For Pc via emulator, you first need to install blue stack on your pc. Then you have to install this APK in the bluestack. After that, you can enjoy all these amazing features of the app on PC.

Wi-Fi Security

Connecting to some unknown Wi-Fi is risky, especially in public places. There is a chance of getting hacked because Wi-Fi can install malware into your device, and you will never know about it. But with Melon VPN, you can connect to any public Wi-Fi because it encrypts your online traffic eliminating the risk of data leakage. It protects you from hackers, and you can save some money by using Wi-Fi instead of expensive mobile data.

Hide IP Address with Melon VPN Mod APK

Every device has its IP address, and when you connect to the internet, it is used to identify your device. If anyone knows your IP address, they can track your location, which is not good for privacy. Also, the internet service providers track the user’s online activity and IP addresses.

The advertising companies pay a lot of money to the ISP to buy this data. They use this data to send targeted ads to people based on their interests, which is why you get annoying SMS and ads on your smartphone. You can save yourself from tracking and annoying ads by using Melon VPN. It can successfully hide your IP address change your device’s location, and assign it some random IP so that you can enjoy complete privacy.

Servers in 80+ Countries

The number of servers of a VPN service is the main factor in determining the connection’s speed. If fewer servers are available and many users connect to them simultaneously, the connection speed slows down. Melon VPN has a large number of servers to offer. These servers are located worldwide in many countries so that users from any country can connect to the nearest one and enjoy a high-speed connection.


Remove Geo-Restrictions

As mentioned earlier, the servers of Melon VPN are located in many countries, which means you can remove geo-restrictions and explore the online content of any country by connecting to it. For example, if something online is restricted in your country but is available in the UK, you need to connect to the UK server. The VPN will change your device location all the content of that country will be available to explore.


Premium Servers to Connect

In the app’s free version, only a limited number of servers are available for you to use, and if you want to use the premium high-speed servers, you have to pay the money. Thankfully you can enjoy these premium servers if you download Melon VPN Mod APK from here. This version on our site contains all the premium servers, and it is free to use. By using these premium servers, you can play high-end games with zero lag in speed and watch movies and shows in high definition.

No Complex Registration

Unlike other apps requiring you to sign up with your social media account or email to use the app, Melon VPN is ready to use right away after installing it. You don’t need to sign up with any of your details. When you install the app, a popup will appear asking you to allow the app to establish a VPN connection, then you need to allow it, and after that, you are good to go. Just tap the connect button and enjoy the open web with high speed.

Download Melon VPN Mod APK

You can Download Melon VPN Mod APK by clicking the button below. This version is already unlocked, and you can use the app’s premium features for free by installing it. You can also use this melon VPN for pc also. There is no complicated setup required to install it.

After downloading the APK file, allow unknown sources in the device settings to install the app properly, and the app will start working in no time.

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