HMA VPN Mod APK Pro (Download Hidemyass Proxy)

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Technical details of HMA VPN Mod APK Pro free hidemyass proxy to download for PC & android


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Introduction of HMA VPN Mod APK

HMA VPN Pro is very popular among users because it can unblock all streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer. As the app has many worldwide servers, its speed is excellent. You will face no buffering when watching videos or playing games on the internet.

This VPN also provides security for your data. As you know, people’s online data has become very precious by everything becoming digital. Hackers want to steal your online banking details so that they can steal your money. At the same time, Companies want to access it to make more money by sending you targeted ads based on your interest. The government also wants to keep an eye on your online activity for various reasons.

HMA VPN is best for unlocking the restricted internet. However, a UK-Based Company owns it, and you can’t be sure whether your personal information is private or not because the UK government is known to be spying on people’s personal affairs. You can also try its competitor Speedify Mod APK for better security. However, if you’re looking for a VPN that has all the features you require and is also free from the reach of the spying eyes alliance, check out ExpressVPN Mod APK.

Features of HMA VPN Mod APK

Here are the features of this VPN application

Browse Safely Online

Exploring the unknown internet can be risky because you can unknowingly install some dangerous malware on your device by clicking some link or opening some website. Also, public Wi-Fi is not safe to use because hackers can install some virus in your device through it. By using HMA VPN, you can protect yourself from all this because it encrypts your internet connection so that nobody can intercept it. Also, it hides your IP address, due to which it becomes impossible for someone to track you.


Access any website with Hidemyass Proxy

Whenever you try to access some website, the internet decides whether to allow you to open that particular website or not by detecting your location through your IP address. If your government does not allow that specific site, you won’t be able to open it. Hidemyass Proxy changes your IP address and your device location. By doing so, it unblocks all the online restrictions for you.

Save Your Favorite Servers

If you are a user who continuously needs to switch between servers, you can save your favourite servers in a list inside the app. This feature of HMA VPN Mod APK is beneficial because finding the required servers from a long list of servers, again and again, is annoying. Using this feature, you don’t have to find them every time you need them, which saves time.

Offers Split-Tunneling Feature

Connecting all the installed apps through VPN puts a burden on your device and slows down the network speed. Split-Tunneling Feature gives you full control over your VPN connection. You can eliminate all the apps that do not require a VPN connection. This feature of Hidemyass Proxy is helpful for those who need to remain connected with a VPN for longer durations, for example, people in offices where they need to unblock social media, etc.

Unblock Streaming Platforms with free HMA Proxy

HMA VPN can successfully unlock all streaming platforms without any limitations. Another best thing about this app is that you can unblock these platforms on all the servers, unlike other apps. You can enjoy high-quality streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu by using free HMA Proxy.

unblock- streaming-with-hidemyass-proxy

HMA VPN Pro is Easy to Use

After you download HMA VPN Pro you will find it very easy to use because all of its features and manual configuration are just one tap away. You can just connect it with a single tap when you open the app. If you want the server of your choice, you can select it in the server’s section. Moreover, you can switch between the security protocols quickly. The interface of this app is very user-friendly. If You want to use the app without going into technical configurations, you can easily do it because the app can itself select the best settings for you.

1100 Servers and 160 Countries

HMA VPN has a very large server network that is spread all around the world. This huge network ensures that the user of any country never experiences a slow-speed VPN connection when using HMA Proxy. As a user connects to the app, it automatically establishes the connection with the most nearby server, due to which online traffic never lags. However, you can manually select any server of your choice very easily.

Kill Switch feature in HMA VPN Mod APK

There is a feature of kill switch in HMA VPN Mod APK that disconnects your internet connection if it detects a sudden network malfunction. This feature has great importance because, as you know, a VPN makes you completely anonymous to access the web without worrying about any privacy concerns. But if the VPN connection disconnect suddenly, it will expose your online information. This amazing feature of the kill switch ensures the protection of your privacy.


HMA VPN Mod APK encrypts your online traffic to protect it from anyone trying to intercept your connection. It uses AES 256-bit encryption for your online security, which is the latest and most secure encryption. You can also select different security protocols if you want, and switching between them is effortless. This app’s other protocols are UDP, TCP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP. We recommend you use the OpenVPN protocol because it is the most secure and efficient among all of them.


High speed

When you connect to any VPN application, internet speed decreases to some extent. But when using a poor VPN service, this drop in speed is so much that it totally ruins the experience. The great thing about HMA VPN is that you will never feel a difference in your internet speed, and the speed drop is only 3% which is negligible. Its UK server provides a download speed of about 110 Mbps and 9 Mbps upload speed. All the servers are equally fast, which means you will always get an average speed of 100 Mbps no matter which server you use.

Data Privacy

The only drawback of HMA VPN is the privacy of online data. A UK-based company owns the app, and you know that the UK government spy on its citizens’ online activity and can share this data with other countries. If you want to use this app to unblock online content or online security, it is a good choice. Otherwise, if you’re going to use it for something like torrenting, it will not be suitable for you.

Compatible With All Major Platforms

You can use HMA VPN MOD APK present on our website on any other device such as your PC. It contains all the VIP features which are ready to use without paying any money. But to use it on other devices, you need to install an android emulator first. After that, you can install this APK on your PC and can enjoy its free premium features.

Download HMA VPN Mod APK for PC & android

If you want to enjoy all these amazing app features of Hidemyass Proxy for free, you can download HMA VPN MOD APK by clicking the button below.

All the paid features are ready to use in this unlocked version, and no complex configuration is needed to set up this app. You can use all the VIP servers, and there is no limit to bandwidth in it.

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